Bloomberg Associates

Global Partners to Mayors

Bloomberg Associates is an international philanthropic consulting firm founded by Mike Bloomberg to advise and help city governments tackle their most complex and difficult challenges. Its mission is to provide mayors and their teams with support and mentorship from global experts in order to improve the quality of life of their citizens.

Core to all of Bloomberg Associates’ work is a belief in relying on data and metrics; the value of communication and collaboration; and the power of public-private partnerships.

Bloomberg Associates Projects

Bloomberg Associates helps strengthen cities across the globe. Credit: crollah/Shutterstock

Bloomberg Associates’ world-recognized experts help to strengthen select cities by building resources and implementing programs across eight disciplines.


  • Cultural Assets Management
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Media and Digital Strategies
  • Municipal Integrity
  • Social Services
  • Sustainability
  • Transportation
  • Urban Planning

Current and Past Partner Cities:

  • Athens, Greece
  • Bogotá, Colombia
  • Detroit, United States
  • Houston, United States
  • Kansas City (Missouri), United States
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Los Angeles, United States
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Nashville, United States
  • Oakland, United States
  • Paris, France
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

projects in 12 cities around the globe


Athens, Greece

Credit: Athens Development and Destination Management Agency

Bloomberg Associates has advised the mayor of Athens, Georgios Kaminis, on the creation of a charitable vehicle to support public-private partnerships to improve the quality of life for visitors and residents alike. An ongoing initiative of this effort is the city’s first marketing campaign that highlights the breadth of Athens’s culture and history—from classical to contemporary—with support from Aegean Airlines, the Athens Airport, the Hellenic Initiative, and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. Bloomberg Associates has also assisted in the launch of cutting-edge project management software, which will help deliver better, more efficient public services to residents.


Bogotá, Colombia

Work in Bogotá supports Mayor Enrique Peñalosa’s efforts to modernize the city’s infrastructure and to develop new programs to improve service delivery for all residents—especially the most vulnerable. Bloomberg Associates is working with the city’s leadership on the revitalization of the Bogotá River as well as on major improvements to the historic La Candelaria district. Other efforts include leading a citywide homeless count that will help with the creation of a strategic plan to address this social challenge and the building of community gathering spaces through the city’s first public plaza program.


Detroit, United States

In 2016, Bloomberg Associates began work with Mayor Mike Duggan to address Detroit’s toughest challenges. To ensure that all city residents have access to banking, medical care, and cultural resources such as libraries and museums, Detroit launched a new municipal identification card system with assistance from Bloomberg Associates. The city has also benefited from expertise in designing plazas, bike and bus lanes, and public spaces. In addition, the Bloomberg Associates’ team is advising the mayor on building a healthier, more environmentally friendly community by establishing Detroit’s first Office of Sustainability.


Oakland, United States

Credit: Sergio Ruiz

Under the leadership of Mayor Libby Schaaf, the City of Oakland has engaged Bloomberg Associates on a number of priorities, including improvements to the city’s infrastructure and image. With Bloomberg Associates’ support, Oakland has developed a strategic plan for transportation and has passed a $350 million bond for rebuilding roads and spurring economic development. Bloomberg Associates’ advice has also led to the creation of a new social media council, which will help local government effectively communicate and engage residents on digital platforms. Additional assistance to the mayor and her team is focusing on approaches to support the area’s artist community and the development of Oakland Spotlight—a campaign designed to showcase local businesses across the city’s diverse neighborhoods and to inspire community pride.

Top photo: A plaza in Bogotá redesigned with Bloomberg Associates’ assistance.